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As the Director of Imaging and Sound Design, I led the audio creative with Audacy music partners, clients, and owned and operated brands. Learn more about the projects below.

Taylor Swift

To celebrate the release of Taylor Swift's "The
Tortured Poet's Department", Audacy executed a
three-part promotion on Pop brands. Fuzing the power of over-the-air broadcast and the scale of digital/social.

"Tay All Day" / On the free Audacy App. A radio station decicated to preparing Audacy's consumers for the launch of her 10th album.

00:00 / 00:46

"A Meeting of the Torchered Poets Department" / An audio special that aired on all Audacy Pop stations simultaneously the moment the album was released. It featured exclusive commentary from Taylor on the album and was hosted by Audacy personality Bru. 

00:00 / 03:43

"Tay in the UK" / to continue the celebration of the new album Audacy gave listeners a chance to fly off to London to see Taylor. We created different promo for different different Audacy music formats.

00:00 / 00:31
  • 3.1 Million Audience

  • Audio content shared by Taylor's Team @TaylorNation

  • Broadcast produced and aired simultaneously across United States when album was released.


Advertise with Audacy

Audacy, a company which serves a diverse area of customers from major agencies to local media needed a campaign to capture these media buyers. This campaign served the needs to bring more advertisers into Audacy's wide array of audio products.

Do We Have Your Attention?
In Your Ear

Hip Hop Made

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, Audacy celebrated with Hip Hip Made, featuring custom audio across Audacy's brands with interviews from the Artists and the tastemaker that were there.

Mission Launch

This audio campaign was used to kick off Hip Hop Made across Audacy's platform of digital and broadcast brands.


From the Legends

There is no better way to celebrate Hip Hop than hearing from legends that were there ....

Bill Bellamy


Leading up to the day Hip Hop began on August 11th, Audacy featured countdowns each weekend with different themes all leading up to the final countdown featuring Ed Lover. This campaign leaned on the voice over from Hip Hop Legend LL Cool J.

Top 50 featuring LL Cool J

Mountain Dew / 940 Baja

Leading up the "Big Game" in Las Vegas, Mountain Dew chose Audacy to create their digital radio station to promote Baja Blast's 20 year anniversary and the product being available in stores for the first time. Rapper, actor, and model 'Lil Dicky was casted to be the host of this radio station as it chronicled the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  

940 Baja
00:00 / 02:52
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